Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reasons you might not be losing weight


Boy this was my problem. It wasn't until last week that I broke my metabolism and finally, lost 3 lbs.  Okay, yeah - so I did not 100% follow the plan. But I was exercising and moving my body. Actually I find the exercise much easier than restricting my diet. (I love food)

These were some of the reasons why I probably wasn't losing any and was stuck.

1. If I am not hungry - I don't eat. I thought that was alright. But it isn't. Breakfast is a very important meal - Break the Fast.  Now now I am trying to have some kind of protein food, so that I can fuel my metabolism for the day.  Not only at times would I skip breakfast but if I am not hungry, I would skip lunch and snacks. NOT GOOD!

MY body thought I was starving so kicked into survival mode - helping me. Well at least I know that part of my metabolism works if I should get stranded on a desert island with no food.

2. Taking in too many high calories in beverages during the day.  Drink water instead!  (too much sweet tea)

3.  Not eating the proper balance of foods - taking in too many calories at one meal.
 Eating enough protein at times can be hard for me. I get "funny" with meat and sometimes I just can't eat it. Same for fish. The only protein I like are chicken, some turkey. and sometimes I can't eat them either.  The veggie burgers and all have way too much carbohydrates and salt! I don't want to eat too much soy either.  I do like eggs. Once again, it's all about the balancing of it.

So yes it is a challenge for me every day to find something that appeals to me. I do love my green vegetables and nuts. So there is some hope for me yet.

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