Monday, April 15, 2013

tax day!!!!

Whoa, aren't you glad that it's all over with?  Well for some, it may not be over - just yet.   They may have to pay and soon the IRS will be getting in touch to set up monthly payments. Don't try to avoid them.  I did this a long time ago, when I was in the middle of my D and D. (Divorce and Depression)  I will say, on their behalf, they were very nice once we finally made connection. 

There were even times, when I couldn't make the payment and all I had to do was call them. They just want to communicate and stay in touch - you know like a family member you can't stand, but you're nice to?

We got through our relationship in less than a year and that big old elephant was finally off my back.

So lesson # 812 - Don't DODGE the IRS. They will find you. They have their ways!

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  1. Oh thanks for linking up with us! Great advice about tax day, thankfully we had ours done over a month ago so we didn't have to worry or rush! Since it's Mommy Mondays hop, I'd love to see you link up a post related to parenting! I bet people would love something about tips for moms to save money!

  2. A dear friend of mine was a tax payer advocate for the IRS and her job was to help tax payers. She is a sweet sweet woman and I know other IRS employees that are really nice people to. So I hate it when people just trash the organization. This was actually a refreshing thing to read about taxes.