I thought I would jump in with both feet and do my 1st Blog Hop. (I've never done one before)

So it's a TEST - as well as a Blog Hop.

Basically YOU are helping me to figure it all out - but what the heck, we'll get to know each other more.

Please, I am OPEN to all friendly suggestions.  


  1. Pretty easy. Just link up your blog, or your Facebook page or both. 
  2. In return, I ask you follow my blog and my Facebook page. 

 You can follow me on Bloglovin, or Feedly.  You can also follow me on GFC but it's not going to be around much longer so, might as well try the others. Just comment and let me know.

And then we'll just go from there. Thanks a bunch. I really want to do BIG things here - giveaways for children, books and fun stuff in the future and thought I might as well just go and do it.  I'm like a big kid anyway. I learn BEST when I make mistakes.

PS. Go ahead and use the image - just cut and paste and link it back to me. I will do a custom button - just haven't done it yet. 

 OMG here it goes - I'm gonna POST it........


  1. Way to go! You did it! i new to this blog hop thingie too and the way I see it, the only way to do it wrong is not to do it at all :)

  2. Thank you so much for hosting the hop! I'm looking forward to meeting you all. ;-) Happy Monday!

  3. Congrats! I added your button on my blog!

  4. Howdy! Following you everywhere now... remind everyone to like from their personal if possible to have the "LIKES" count!

  5. Thank for hosting this! I love your blog!