Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Avon's Busy Little Bees

 It's official.  Pablo Munoz from Tupperware will be joining Avon as Senior Vice President and President North America, June 24.  What this exactly means... heck I don't know.  We have been selling cute little measuring cups and "Tupperware-type" merchandise for some time now. Maybe that is the connection.

Busy Little Bee Honey Pot and Drizzler

 Avon exclusive. A sweeter way to serve honey. This 5" H x 4" diam. pot holds 10 oz. Ceramic, silicone, metal. Hand wash. 

Busy Bee Kitchen Timer
 Avon exclusive. Keeps time up to 60 minutes in 1-minute increments. 2 5/16" diam. X 2" H. Plastic.

  • Avon used to be just perfumes and powder and makeup - now they sell clothing and things for the home, for children and for men. No makeup yet for the men, though I have heard it is becoming more popular with the baby boom men who are not too keen about aging plus with all that Viagra in their system, they need to attract the younger woman because lets face it, the older woman has probably just about HAD it with her horny old man -

oops, I digressed...

ANY-WHO...go check out these cute, little Tupperware-type goodies,  Avon is offering.  And probably for a lot less than Tupperware too!  (My sincere apologies to my Tupperware BFF's)

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