Sunday, June 30, 2013

Too HOT to cook

I confess - I haven't been doing any major cooking at my house.  The Husband works a 3rd shift (midnight to 8am) and he likes to sleep from around noon to 8 or 9pm.  My sons work the evenings so I am dining alone, most of the time.  It's been so hot lately that it doesn't make sense heating up the kitchen when it's 110+ outside and the AC is on.  I guess I am on summer break from heavy-duty cooking. Honestly,  I need a personal Chef - I just don't want to cook and my brain doesn't want to get creative or anything. 

Plus I am still watching my diet - I've lost 13 pounds since Jan and am taking it slow so that I can enjoy my goodies. (Skinny cow)

I get real "homey" during the cooler weather - All I want to do now is eat ice cream! Suck on ice cubes, eat watermelon, have a crisp salad and have BBQ every night but without me having to do it.

Right now it's just me - the house is quiet and I do like that.  But why cook?  So I will throw a couple of sirloin hamburger patties on the outside grill and have a salad and watermelon.

original photo credit: Julien Haler via photopin cc

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