Sunday, December 29, 2013

As the new year approaches

I am a bit more hopeful, coming up to 2014. I don't know if that is wishful thinking or not. "Hopeful for what?" I am not clear of.

Since Christmas has come and gone, I am reading things that are alarming and can be quite scary. Here are three of them:

Unemployment benefits end for 1.3 million jobless -

World Braces for Retirement Crisis

US Stock Market Bubble - Ready to burst  

It just seems, we are never going to get back all that we have lost since 2007/2008. As if this is now our "new normal". This vocabulary of downsizing, debt-reducing, living cheaply etc seems to be in the forefront of the blogs.  No longer do we see, signs of real HOPE, we can touch.

I guess I am hopeful, that maybe we have a year off - from anything financially drastic to take place. And hopefully we have used all the skills to embrace this new way of life in a congenial way -  no longer struggling with it.  I suspect, there will be a onslaught of even more people, looking to survive as they have hit their unemployment bottom. Sad reality.

What are you hopeful for this coming year? 


  1. I am hopeful that people will become more compassionate. This "tough love" approach thinking that you have to have harsh realities in order to make people succeed is heartless -- and ineffective.

    I believe the "good days" of this millennium were a sham based on speculation and dangerous gambling in financial sectors and hope we never return to that. But I would be satisfied with modest improvements yet fear even that is out of reach for many.

    I hold out hope and genuinely believe that the American spirit that pushes us to help one-another will start to gain ground over the sentiment of "what's in it for me" and "I don't want to be responsible for anyone other than myself."

    I do see this as a year where the American mindset can and will change and have to believe it will be in a better direction. And a good New Year to you -- you'll be a part of that mindset, I know it!

    1. Thanks for your great comment, Alex. I agree with you and hope that the American spirit can seek out and find those new opportunities that will send us all soaring once again. :-)