Friday, March 2, 2012

Lets Talk Avon -


Maybe some of you in the past (or recently) think, or have said:

"Avon?" Is that still around?"
"Gee I remember Granny used to use Avon."
"Avon is cheap!"
"I can't afford it."
"I'm allergic."
"Do they still sell that skin so soft to keep the fleas away?"

Yep, Avon has been around now for 125 years serving beautiful women like yourself who want to do all that they can and Avon keeps getting better and better. Avon is affordable. As affordable as your drugstore Maybeline (have you seen the price of their mascara lately?) Plus you don't have to drive there - your Avon will be shipped right to your door. Saves you on your gas for more important trips, like shopping for clothes!

Avon does have it's upside - just as many other cosmetic companies have. Something for everybody. They have make-up and skin care for teens, for old ladies, for young ladies. They have stuff for Moms and children and now babies. They even have a more upscale, young professional line, through MARK.

and Yes, they still sell the original skin so soft that has citronella in it, and it is a good flea or mosquito repellent. (Don't know if I would rinse my dog in it though and definitely not my cat!!)

Avon is always ready is ready to paint your toes, soften your feet, wash your delicate skin, hide your wrinkles, get rid of your crow's feet, perfume your body, lavish you in jewelry, and now color your hair! 

Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color comes in 25 rich and radiant shades - coming soon!