Link Up

 It's been awhile since I did a blog hop or a link up. Today I am linked up with Serenity Now. 

According to the rules, supposed to link up with my best post of the week. I don't think it's my best - because I had a hectic week.  I linked up Wednesday's post on the current craft-trends for 2014. 
I've been busy working, and trying to play catch up on ALL my blogs. 

So what am I doing this weekend???  For me, its not really a weekend, like most people have. My husband gets Thursday and Friday off so in a sense, I am already on my weekend. Plus when you work at home, I don't celebrate the weekends, like I did when I worked away from my house. In fact, every day, when I get out of bed - I celebrate I don't have to rush to some "job" while making someone else rich. I can stay home, in my PJ's, holding a hot cup of coffee and work, my way.

I'll probably network and market all weekend. (Sat and Sunday) I can do that, catch up on other blogs, follow others, make new connections, find more blog hops and link ups - LIKE some facebook pages and of course read other blogs, which I LOVE to do. I also need to organize my week - you know, what to write about each day for each blog. I have all total 5 niche blogs. I do have 1 personal blog I don't promote at all. That is where I moan and bitch and complain about life - my therapy blog. Have to have at least one place to VENT. 

Time to wake Husband up and go pick out some paint chips, I was supposed to get the other day. I also have to bake something to bring to our group tonight. I'm thinking persimmon-bread....