Tuesday, April 1, 2014

lesson 4 - fearless inventory -ouch!

Made a searching and fearless inventory of our checkbook, bank accounts, credit card debt, etc.
to see where we stand financially. 

This is going to hurt. If you were a business, and you didn't take inventory once or twice a year, you would lose everything. You wouldn't know where your money is going. You wouldn't know what to cut out or when to expand. You would be blind. 

It's 2014 - sit down and go through your budget.  It's good timing too, since we will all be filing for taxes soon. Look, I know it sucks. But it's one of those things we grown-ups have to do. Look for the flaws in your budget - as well as your, your stinking thinking.
  • You need to know why you think the way you do.  
  • Is it jealously? 
  • Is it Envy?
  • Is it the way you were raised? 
  • Why is it, you feel you NEED so much?  
  • Why aren't you more patient in waiting for the things you want? 
  • Why do you need to have it all now?  

 You really need to do this - to sort out this new life you will be embarking on - think of it as a new adventure you are planning -  More adventure than snorkeling off the coast of Uepi Island (Soloman Islands) Okay that is a stretch. 

snorkeling off the coast of Uepi Island (Soloman Islands)

You know how misery loves company? There are others out there, who are looking for a way out of the rat race. Find them and be miserable together.  NO, no no no - I'm just kidding. However, do try and associate with those who share the same desire, to get off the fast track.  
And then, go out there - PREACH and spread the word among the Joneses. 

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