Friday, August 1, 2014

Lesson 8 - making a list and checking it twice

8. Made a list of all the dumb needless junk we thought we just had to have and that we really don't need, and became willing to either sell them, give them away, or re-purpose, re-cycle, or re-use them. 

1.   The treadmill that serves as a very expensive, clothes holder in the bedroom.
2.   The Belly Burner - Are your Abs amazing yet
3.   The bathroom putting green  

You get the idea. Sometimes we have bought things, silly things, just because we could. But those silly items, add up. You've paid retail for all that junk, when I can go into a thrift shop and probably buy it, practically brand new at a fraction of the cost. Not that I would!

Even when we are trying to be frugal we make mistakes - and we'll buy something we see, second hand - a real bargain - excellent condition and we have to have it. Only we don't use it and it sits.

Have a garage sale every 6 months - just to keep you honest and you'll make a little cash - more than you had before. 

The rule is: If you haven't used something in 1 complete year - get rid of it. That gives you a whole year to decide. Some tools like a toilet plunger would be exempt from this rule. Come on, you can figure it out. 

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