Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blogging break comes to an end

I don't care what anyone says, a dog is family and when they pass on - it affects everyone in the household. It's time to get back to the work of blogging. I missed it yet I felt I needed a break if I was going to make it through the holidays. 

Shortly after our beautiful dog passed - I spontaneously went out and adopted a kitten. Her name is Susie and she is a joy. Granted she is not a German Shepherd but when we are ready we will get a GS puppy or younger one. Susie is about 5 months old now and isn't small anymore but boy is she spoiled. She's a booger - very much the little rascal getting into things, up on the counters (which I have never allowed before) and she has 2 naughty things we are trying to break her of. Rough house playing with our 15 year old cat - As soon as she sees her she jumps on her back. The older cat does not like it but we believe Susie is a stronger personality and our older cat lets her. (Yet she hisses at her all the time) The older cat wants to love on her but Susie is too excited to relax and "Feel the Love." The other irritating habit she has is digging the carpet at the bottom of the doors. She does not like closed doors. Now our carpets are old - and we have been planning to replace them, but not now. Plus if we get a puppy next year, we don't want the new carpet ruined.

All in all, we are enjoying her - she loves to cuddle in our bed and she likes to lay between us, making her own "valley".  

One thing about working from home, and something I was very thankful of, was I did not have the pressure to "go back to work".  OKAY so no work = no pay. Not everyone can do that and I will admit, it has been hard. We have a $2000 vet bill that needs to get paid off. But we did it. Plus my husband had a biopsy and that came back CLEAR and non malignant. That was pressing on our minds as well. 

So, soon it will be a new month - and a new cycle of blogging. 

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  1. So sorry to hear about your dog. Your new kitten sounds sounds adorable!