Monday, January 9, 2017

Chinese Potato Pancake

In January/February depending on when Chinese New Year is, I like to look up Chinese food recipes. I bookmark the pages for later use. This year, Chinese New Year is Saturday Jan 28, 2017.

My mouth is starting to water...

I didn't know that potato pancakes were in the Chinese cuisine. I'm always thinking Latkes.

Elaine, who blogs at China Sichuan Food, tells about this Chinese version of the potato pancake,

"Back to old days, when we did not have so many ingredients to choose especially in winter, potato was a main staple food. Mothers were trying various ways to cook potatoes so even in poor days; children could have a wonderful life too. I have not tasted this before my university life in the city of Xi’an, which in my heart is the heaven of noodles and flour. But the original version is steamed. To simplify the process, I use pan-frying instead of steaming. This should be super good for breakfast."

The recipe calls for a unique Homemade Chinese five spice powder with star anise, cloves, Sichuan peppercorn, fennel seeds and cinnamon.


Here is the complete recipe on her blog.

Let me know if you tried it. I have it on my list of things to TRY this month! I'll let you know when I do it. Failures and all.


  1. I am intrigued! I like to try new recipes and am always up for anything. Of course, a recipe is more like a suggestion to me and I will usually change things after the first try. This looks yummy!

  2. Replies
    1. with the exception of the sauce, it's just hash browns.