Thursday, May 25, 2017

May - Memorial Day - Teach your children well

I was taught that Memorial Day was for remembering the military men and women, who died serving our country.  My parents remember it as Decoration Day and it started back during the Civil War times. And while it typically marks the start of the summer season; lets not lose what the day is REALLY all about.  

I don't have a problem with BBQ's and camping trips, however I do believe it is a parents obligation to teach their children, about the brave heroes who died so that we can be the free democratic republic that we are today.  Now days, Memorial Day also is remembering past veterans as well.

A trip to the graveside, with your child is a memorable event especially if they have Veterans buried there.  My first time was when a neighbor of ours died in Vietnam.  We attended the funeral and I have visited his graveside many times at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno. I couldn't observe a Memorial Day without visiting and remembering this fallen hero.


  1. We used to have a ceremony at a local cemetery here. One year I was asked to give the speech. One of my sons wanted to go with me. When we left the service, he said that he had not known anyone who ever died in a war, not had he experienced one. That was the year before the Gulf War broke out. Things have never been the same in the world since.

  2. Sadly too many parents and schools do not teach children why these days are so important and what they are all about