If you move it, they will come

Last night, the husband took our "guest bed" over to Char's place. NO MORE GUEST ROOM. I don't care what she ends up doing with it - it's no longer my concern. Now watch. My brother and family will want to visit which I would be thrilled. We'll deal with it if that should happen. 

We have a queen mattress in our garage. We need to get a moving box for the mattress from U-Haul to keep it stored. Then all we have to do is move it in, should we have overnight guests. I'm tired of having a room, especially for guests and then no one comes. 

Now we have this extra room and I am excited. I need to go in there and sift through everything I want to get rid of. 

We have some friends that when they have visited, they just pull their motorhome next to the house and we have a special RV plug they can "hook up." It's great. We have both a 20 and 30 amp plugin. 

It's still HOT but it's August. It's supposed to be HOT. We're hovering between 98-100 daily. I'm sick of it. When I shop, the stores all have their Autumn and Halloween stuff out and Hobby Lobby even has Christmas merchandise displayed. That's crazy. If I want to buy some summer clothes, yeah they may be on the clearance rack but finding the right size could be a problem since it is all picked over. 

Even our town's Aquatic swim center closes for the season today. WTH? It's because the employ college students for lifeguards and when they go back to school, that's it. Everything closes down. Screw us seniors who love to swim. Many of us have tried to change this but it is a deal they made with the city, years ago. Here I live in a HOT climate, yet public pools are only open to the seniors from June to August. I sure would like to fight this. 

Many of my neighbors have pools. We've thought about it but don't want the hassle. The Y has a year-round pool - but it's inside and part of the reason I love to swim is to be outside. We have some country clubs that offer swimming but too pretentious for my simple taste. The Lions Club has a nice pool. My husband would have to join. 

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