Wednesday, December 31, 2008

reflections -2008

Here we are - the very last day of 2008.

I for one, will be glad to flip this page over to a brand new chapter. Wow, a brand new year.

Mom's death (suicide) and our move up here, the past 9 months has forced me to make changes, I wasn't ready to make, and to look at the reality of this tragedy, that quite frankly I wanted to deny. However there was no denying this.

 Once again, my old friend, "Grief"  was my uninvited companion for many days and months. Grief, made me confront the issues at hand. I was now an orphaned adult. You expect this, when you are older - and if your folks were in their 80's and beyond - This was too soon for both my sister and I.

We never expected this. But that's the way Life is. Some people go years without meeting Grief - still others, like my sister and I, were introduced to them early along on lifes journey.

 This new year I am praying that Life will introduce us to Blessings, Opportunity, Good Health, Challenge and Hope.

 Life is hard...but God continues to be good.

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