Friday, May 13, 2011

Direct Sales - The Early Years

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Direct Sales - The Early Years 

I start this post with some opinion - lessons and advise for those considering direct sales or any work-at-home jobs. Let me say that I am not a sucker. I have always been a skeptic. My first encounter with direct sales was as a child and it was Avon. We had a Avon lady and I thought that was such a cool job. Of course I loved the new brochures, every 2 weeks. Mom kept us in Skin so Soft, and feminine fragrances in beautiful decanters that would line up daintily on my dresser. I sure wish I had those decanters now, they are worth some money! Anyway, Avon was not hard sell. I liked it. Then there was the Fuller Brush Man. Many a naughty joke was told on the "Fuller Brush Man" back in the 60's.

It was 1975 - My new husband and I hadn't been married 2 weeks, until one day an Encyclopedia salesman came to our apartment door. Now these people are hard sellers. Once you let them in, they are almost impossible to get rid of and both husband and I were too young and inexperienced to order this man who was old enough to be our parent, out of our home. So for 3 hours, we sat, while my dinner was in the oven, while this nut, spread encyclopedias all over my living room carpet. He would hop on a encyclopedia and present his spiel.  26 hops = 26 encyclopedia! We did the only thing we could do at that time. We purchased a set of Britannia Encyclopedias for over $1000 on our brand new credit card. Wonderful. What did we need with encyclopedia? We had no children and was not planning to, for a few more years. And personal computers at this time, were just a gleam in Steve Jobs eyes.  We had no idea, that one day we could be lugging around these heavy books, that would be so old and obsolete,  that the public library wouldn't even take them.

That evening after our over-cooked dinner, my new husband and I went to bed. We were mute. Then at 4am the next morning, we both sat up in bed and words, started flowing from our mouths. No we were not, talking in unknown tongues, we had BUYERS REMORSE! I immediately retrieved the receipt and in teeny tiny print, it said I had 3 days to cancel. I had to send it registered mail. That morning, both my husband and I felt relieved that we slithered out of this deal in time! We had learned our lesson and that is when I developed a real distrust of anyone in direct sales.