Friday, July 29, 2011

Brooms by the Blind

The next "Lucy idea" I got was to sign up for Brooms made by the Blind in Oakland, Ca. Once again, a work-at-home project I thought would be easy and for a good cause. When in sales, one of the reasons for the passion is what does the affiliated company you are selling for, do to make this a better world?  I was very conscious of this since I had a child with a severe form of dwarfism. No he did not have CP or was blind, but I wanted to join with a company that had a broader vision than just sales. That was just me.

I signed up by telephone - and this man, a WW2 vet, with a gravelly voice was my supervisor.  It was kinda cool at first. I could do this anytime and was not hemmed in by a certain time of day, which I hate. However I was still supposed to call him every morning with "my count" and of course, I never had enough, according to my supervisor. He also would flirt with me on the phone and make sexual remarks to me and at that time, sexual harassment was not a issue that anyone talked openly about. Finally, after he told me, he was going to come over to my house and make a "house call" and teach me a few things, I got scared, and immediately gave my 1 minute notice. "I QUIT!" He even had the nerve to call me and harass me for a few times after that. They even owed me money, that I never received.

Once more I would look in the paper and read ads for Avon, or Tupperware. I still was holding on to the negative comments by friends.  I continued looking for a way to supplement my family's income. I would attend Tupperware parties and would never make "eye contact" with the Rep. Loved the Tupperware, hated the Tupperware Rep. Oh I attended Sarah Coventry home parties, Pearl Parties. So much fun but when they would start in on their "pitch" I'd excuse myself or stare at the catalog, not making any eye contact whatsoever, deep down wishing I could do it but knew my family and friends would not support me.

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