Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 pots of coffee and a Sears Roebuck catalog

Continued from a lucy and ethel-idea  

It seemed like forever until our business-size, self addressed-stamped envelope came in the mail. I was so excited and agreed not to open it until Cindy had a chance to get over to my house for the unveiling.

I think back now, and realize how desperate we were to stay home with our babies and also to make some money. We had that entrepreneurial spirit we only lacked wisdom.

Carefully we opened the envelope that held the key to our fortune, was the answer to our dreams, the port-hole of discovery only to find a mimeograph copy telling us how much we would make.

Stuff 100 envelopes a week  =  $300  a week
Stuff 200 envelopes a week  =   $600  a week
Stuff 300 envelopes a week  = $ 900  a week
Stuff 400 envelopes a week  = $1200  a week

The paper did not go into that many details and at first we didn't quite get it. Where would we get these envelopes and the "stuff" to stuff them with? We needed more information. Ah, but there at the bottom in small print, it gave us the real scoop. We were to place an ad and have people send us $10 and we would send them back what we got in the mail and so on and so forth. In other words, we would scam others. Our introduction of a pyramid scheme.

I wish I could say,  we tossed it in the garbage. We were so desperate, we actually considered it. After 2 pots of coffee between us, and some chocolate, we were ready to launch the space shuttle. We discussed how we could get our husbands "on board" and how our lives would be so much better. We got out the big Sears catalog and started dreaming of what we would buy - a few hours of this, and tending to our children who were running around, screaming and totally taking advantage of our distraction,  the chocolate and coffee wore off,  and we crashed.  Finally our good senses kicked in and we saw it for the scam it was.

The REALITY was: 

* We were both were out $5.00 - (that was the cost for the ingredients of a really good home-cooked meal)
* Our hope and dream was shattered.
* and not only were we out the cash, it was our envelope and 20 cent stamp!
* and if something seems too good to be true, it probably and most likely is. Duh. 

Cindy and I have gone our separate ways for the most part - we do keep in touch once a year or so. But we always smile, when we think of some of the hair-brained ideas, we would get into,  in order to work at home. This was only the beginning.


Thomas Edison - I didn't fail. I just found 2,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb. I only needed to find one way to make it work. 


Now days, work at home moms are armed with the Internet and Google. Think of the women before you, who risked their reputation, threw away money, and did not make a dime in return. With persistence, some risk taking, and the desire to be home with our children, many of us, did go on, toward success.

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