Monday, October 31, 2011

A Rock and a Hard Place

BIG Decisions are the hardest things in the world for me to make -especially when I am trying not to lose money and want to make the best decision for our family. Thankfully I share in the decision making. Usually when I am at a loss, DH makes it. And vise versa.

Today we cancelled the appointment for the Energy Doc to come by our home and assess it - to see if our home qualifies for a grant and low to zero interest loan for a new HVAC. With that, it was suggested that we also include new windows and a new roof. Now this is where I forget I am "embracing frugality". I get confused. All of this would of probably cost $40,000. but with energy kickbacks of $9000 on the HVAC and I don't even know what the roof and the windows would bring. So in essence, we wouldn't really be paying $40,000. Actually I think we would pay that up-front.

OR we could just wait a year, save $5000 and install a regular one. OR we could just spend $1100 and fix a part and hope and pray it lasts for a few more years and also that the AC doesn't go out. REALITY IS: We cannot get a loan for $5000 for some reason. (and our credit is good)

TOO MUCH for me. My gut tells me that it is silly to invest that much into our home at this time. Goes back to, you have to have money to SAVE MONEY. (Just IGNORE that... I'm starting to whine)

Then on the way to work this morning, I hear our county is giving away energy credits if you purchase a new energy efficient wood stove, fireplace insert or gas fireplace. Maybe this post should be called A DAY LATE and MANY DOLLARS SHORT. (You didn't hear me say that)

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