Sunday, October 30, 2011

Its only Money

Once upon a time, I had a Swedish mother-in-law who when I would cry "poor" she would respond by saying, "It's only money." Oh that used to bug me so much because what I really wanted was, her sympathy. Maybe deep down I wanted her to give us some money. I don't know.

Years passed and she has since passed and it's only NOW, that I get it. IT IS, only money. It's not my worth as a human being. It's only money. Money can make you or break you. There have been times in my life when I have had some money and quite frankly, I am not good with too much of it. I have made mistakes that have cost me thousands of dollars in my lifetime. However, those mistakes, no matter how costly, have done nothing to rob me of who I am inside. Money has nothing to do with who I am. With or without it I am still me.

Actually I like myself better during lean times. I'm a better steward of nature, of my money, my time and I exercise my God-given gifts. I am the "me" HE wants me to be.

So it is with glad pleasure, that I introduce this new LESSON - It's Only Money.

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