Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just like my Mom

I came from the traditional 2 parent family. I was the oldest. Mom was a 50s/60s  homemaker and Dad was the breadwinner. It worked for me. I had Mom home when I needed her and we were close. She made home such a special place to be. Even when I would come home from lunch, at school, I always hated to go back to school. I would of made a good homeschooling student.

Every morning Mom would get up early with my Dad. Make the coffee and get the newspaper. Dad would be in the shower. He came out to find, Mom had made him breakfast. Mom always had 2 pieces of toast with her coffee. Dad would leave and Mom would have maybe 30 minutes before she would get my sister and I up. I was not a big breakfast eater, back then - she would have a pan of hot chocolate for me. (made with real Nestle Quik) She made it the best and to this day, it's not as good as hers! That would be it for me.

Depending on what day of the week it was, she had her "to do" list. Mondays she always had some errands; the cleaners, grocery store, post office. It also was laundry day. Tuesday she did the ironing. She would leave out the pillow cases for me, so that I could learn. I loved ironing pillowcases. Fridays, was BIG grocery shopping day. She would go over the sales in the paper. Plan out the menu. And we'd have either Spaghetti, goulash and garlic bread or Chili for dinner. Sunday's we always had steak or BBQ chicken.

I wanted to be just like my Mom. I wanted to get married, have children ( a lot of them) stay at home with them and raise them up.

In the 70's it wasn't cool, to say, that is what you wanted to do with your life, so I didn't dare say anything to my friends. Just a few of my girlfriends, married and had children young. The rest of them went on to college and had big careers. Good for them. I stayed home, raised my sons, and had a blast doing it.

Later on, decided "children" were my thing - so I took ECE classes in the evening so thatI could have my own business.

No regrets

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