Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Home (Part Three)

This time it was a whole new adventure. It is amazing how your perspective changes, when you are in control. We were excited for this new adventure. We stored most of our furniture. Gave away another antique sofa...some vintage wing back chairs - with the hopes that ONE DAY, we would be able to afford to make another purchase. (wrong)

We had a nice slot - with a huge backyard with huge trees that shaded our RV. Very cute. It was a pleasant 20 months or so - until my Mom who was grieving the loss of my dad (her love of 55+ years) decided she could no longer cope with life without him, and shot herself in the head. All of a sudden, the control over my life that I thought I had, was gone. Now, I was having to move 250 miles north to the town she lived in - traveling every weekend until we decided, it was time to make the BIGGER MOVE for good. I was the executor of the estate and after all of that was settled, I bought out my sister's half of the house - now my husband and I own the house my parents died in. Honestly, some people have problems with that. I don't. Years ago, that was the norm. No this was not my childhood home, but my parents had owned this house for 13 years and loved it - I loved them dearly. This was the right house for me!

We've been here for 3 years - I love it but home ownership is not the end all, as it was in the late 90's. Because of the shit economy, we've already lost 60,000 in equity. There is now no going back. This house is not just a investment, it is my home.No matter what I have to make this work.

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