Monday, October 24, 2011

My retirement seems bleak

I admit, I get scared. It seems there is no end in sight. I love them and feel guilty even saying that, because there are good times. But it can't stay this way indefinitely. Meanwhile, this all happened when the economy took a major downturn. I lost thousands of dollars in my Lockheed Pension. Now it's only worth a smidgen... We've lost $60,000 in the house. I have less than $5000 left of my inheritance; Yeah I am scared!

My food budget is HIGH. I can't seem to make ends meet. I work as a nanny and recently my hours and pay was cut. My husband receives a military pension plus he works a low paying security job. That is all he can get. We are in our mid-fifties.

During our "empty-nest" years, we downsized and lived in our RV for 4 years, and an apartment for 2 years, to cut the budget and pay off bills we both brought into the marriage. We did it. We were able to travel a little (nothing extravagant) eat out a little, and just answer to no one but ourselves. Sure, during those years I was grieving the loss of my first son and going through menopause. There were many ups and downs.

Now, money is getting tighter - it shouldn't be this way. We should be in a better position to weather these ups and downs, yet we have a larger "household" now. Just last month, we asked them for room and board. They are paying us $200 each. It's what they can afford. (I'm not at all convinced of that but who wants to argue?)

I'm saving it to pay property taxes.

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