Monday, October 17, 2011

No Heat

Now we will get to the nuts and bolts of EMBRACING FRUGALITY. 

 2 weeks ago I called a heating and air company out to do their Fall check up on our HVAC furnace. The news we got blew me away. The heat exchanger was rusted, peeling and was unsafe to use. WONDERFUL. So they sent out a Tech guy to give us a estimate on a new one. Now here is where I was Innocent. I'm thinking about $3500.00 max. WRONG! $8799 for a basic roof system. He said they offer financing. We get 2 more estimates. Today I get the 3rd one and it was for $5149. What a difference. So we're thinking, "this is more like it". Once again, my innocence or just plain stupidity got in my way - I called our home mortgage company to see about re-financing the house. Well after they pulled our credit, they really could not give us a better rate than we are already paying (5.25%) 
I mean we could of gone with it but we'd be paying out more every month and we are walking a thin line anyway - Getting desperate, I called the Geo Smart, a "green-sustainability" loan to help homeowners, the heating company recommended. We could not even get approved for a $5000 loan!!!

What the heck, has happened. Just in March, we bought a brand new car - low interest rate- put $5000 down. No problem. Now we can't get a loan so we can buy a furnace to heat our home.

I am so upset I could spit, throw-up and sleep for a million years (my method of operation when I get stressed - minus the spitting.)

Granted we live in California - but we live in Northern California. It gets way colder here in the winter than it does in the bay area. It even snowed here a few times last winter.

We do not have a fireplace or a wood stove. Now what?

Fortunately we are having warm 80+ temperatures for now. I guess NOW I can say, the bad economy has just HIT HOME for me and mine. We will have to get some electric space heaters I guess. I am so down.

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