Monday, October 24, 2011

Our dream

Seadog and I are just simple folk - it really doesn't take much for us to be happy. We are frugal. Okay I am more frugal than Seadog but that's one of the things he loves about me. I am one that loves to recycle, reuse, re-purpose old items. I love thrift stores and shop there frequently for clothing. I shop retail too - and when I do I love sales and bargains. I love Craigslist and Free-cycle. I've been this way for years; even when I had money. Its WHO I AM.

When we moved here, in this Semi-Rural Northern California town - we loved the slower pace lifestyle. Not at all like the Silicon Valley. We wanted to grow our own food. Not that we have this huge property. I started following the Dervaes Family's Urban Homesteading in Pasadena, Ca. I became a follower of the FOOD not Lawns culture!

I wanted to get back to the basics - but with the son's back home living with us - life is not as simple as I like. There's cable TV, that we wanted to get rid of. Sad but true it has become a necessity - Maybe an escape for Seadog and I. We don't watch a lot, but we do watch more than we ever used to. One day we can pull the plug once and for all. For them, its their lifeline to the world of Sports. Keeps them out of trouble; home and ALL is well. It is something we all can enjoy as a Family, on certain game nights; San Francisco and the 2010 World Series. Good memory as a Family, rooting on "our team".

I am lowering the standards they have been used to. I have to! Things are getting too expensive. Yes they pay us a minimal amount for room and board. One son even told me, that if things get worse, he has no problem paying extra to help "the family" out. That's what families do. Whereas the other son, I know has a grudge about paying anything. And he is the one we have helped out the most.

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