Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shop till you drop - New clothes!

Oh you wish! (me too) The only shopping I do these days, when it comes to clothing is thrift stores, consignments, sales and discount racks! I never spend full price on clothing. Not even if I shop Kmart or Walmart. I can't remember when the last time I paid full price for a new outfit. Even when I had money, I've always been a "bargain shopper".

If you work full time, and you spend $100 on a new outfit for work and do this twice a month that is $200 a month. NOW, one day you would love to take that second honeymoon, maybe go to Europe - maybe you just want to save money. If you no longer spend this, over the course of 5 years at 3.14% interest, YOU SAVE $13,243.00. Wow.

That's why I have never liked shopping with a friend. To me, shopping for clothes is serious business. I'm spending hard earned money and I need to pay attention!

So if you're like me, and want to start embracing frugality - start by cutting back on what you spend on your clothing.

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