Comfy Home

That has always been my focus. Not a fancy home - just homey. I don't know why I am this way. 

Mom loved having a nice home, new furniture etc. 

My sister also, has a upscale home with newer furniture than me. 

I could of had all of that - I just like "other people's old stuff" and I like the challenge of making it work. And I have, and I still do. I haven't had a new sofa since 1979. That sofa has been long gone and since, I have had hand-me-downs. I have a thing for chairs - and tables and lamps. I just love shopping garage sales and thrift stores for new stuff.

It really is the challenge I think - and the fact that I don't want that "cookie-cutter" look everyone else has in their homes. My style is funky, eclectic, and comfortable.

What is your style?