Friday, November 11, 2011

Fried Hominy with bacon and green onions

My mom would serve this yummy side dish (or cheap meal) a lot while I grew up. I loved it.
Now for some of you who don't know what it is - it's a native American corn - Maize kernels treated with a process. They would take corn kernels and soak them in a solution using hardwood ash and water and beating it. The result of this solution is like a weak lye.

Now days we don't have to go to that extreme for good hominy. Although I would love to try it that way - just afraid I'd poison myself accidentally.

Fried Hominy with bacon and green onions

2 cans of hominy (white or yellow) I prefer white
2-3 sliced bacon
3 green onions

Fry the bacon - remove and drain on paper towels.
toss in sliced green onions
When the onions start to sizzle, add the hominy (drained)
and fry in the bacon grease

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fry until hominy is crispy but do not overcook.
Crumble the bacon on top and enjoy!

My understanding is that fried hominy is a Cherokee dish - which might be why we ate it. My Grandma on my dad's side was Cherokee. All I know is, you have to try it. It's very good and's probably not the BEST for you in regards to the bacon and grease, but try it once. Just for history sake. That won't kill you! OR...

Fried Hominy if the above is just too much for you -

Fry it in butter - margarine or olive oil.
(Now I have not ever used olive oil - and if you do please let me know how it turned out.)

The whole deal is it has to be fried. You are not going to
get that crisp without it.
Then you could sprinkle it with

NOTE: Honestly, unless you are a strict Vegan, or on a strict diet - diabetes or heart; trying a bite of it is a lesson in good old Native American cooking. It's part of our American heritage!

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