Friday, November 4, 2011

It would be from Alaska

Last night the lows got into the H 30's - and Just 30 miles from us, it snowed! Yes, it snows in Northern California. CD (my dear husband) brought home a radiator-type electric space heater. It is one of those oil-infused ones - I don't quite know how it is supposed to heat us. Seems we have to leave it on, all the time. IT should be interesting what our electric bill will be next month.

So I am scrambling around - trying to find some casserole and oven meals to bake - Right now I have a pumpkin bread in the oven - I'm doing laundry with the laundry room door OPEN so we get the dryer heat. It seems pretty warm for now. Tomorrow is supposed to be a wet, stormy COLD day. They say a system is blowing down from ALASKA!!! Burrrrrrrr, how much you want to bet, this will be the coldest fall and winter on record - all because we are not using our furnace!

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