Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sick, weak, depressed and worried

Mixed up
Oh I am still feeling like $#^T. Weak and fighting depression. All because of a ambulance trip to the ER. Not to mention we need a new HVAC plus my middle son has a cracked tooth, but he's an adult and has to figure that for himself but why is it, no matter how old your kids get, we Mom's always worry about our kids, especially when the hard economic times has hit them as well? It just wasn't supposed to be like this. They were supposed to be well on their way to a better life than what their parents have had - that is the natural way it is supposed to be. They're not supposed to be worse off. Actually, I never have had it better than my parents that I can tell. I couldn't buy a house until after they died and it was part of my inheritance money that I used to purchase their old home. Sure maybe we had some things, they never had - lets get real what we had that they didn't have was CREDIT CARDS! That's why it appeared we had more.

So I sit here - I haven't been paid for 3 weeks - 7 days I don't get paid for. I have to purchase our "Thanksgiving dinner" food. I haven't shopped yet and I feel like a SLUG! Fortunately I go back to work for 3 days this week. But still, I have some making up to do.

So I'm starting to worry - plus I hear that the super committee is thinking about cutting retired military pensions pay. That would include us. My husband served for 20 years - sacrificed and now this? This is how Americans supposedly "supports their military".

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