Back to the cheap

To survive whatever lies ahead, I like to try and be prepared. So in someways, I do like the newness of a New Year. I like to re-dedicate myself to frugality. Especially after the holidays. We may keep a simple Christmas at our house, but there are always extra expenses (Property tax) and non-paid time off in December that has us behind as we start the January of a new year. Time for beans!!!

In the mix of everything, since I love home decorating and can't afford to just go out and spend what I want freely, I have to find ways to redecorate my home using creativity than leans toward the cheap! With the downswing of the economy and real estate prices down, we can no longer afford to update our kitchen the way I had wanted. So I am going with a "funky country California" look in my kitchen. Paint is always an affordable way to change the look of things. This year we will be painting the kitchen and dining area (actually the whole inside of the house) So I am excited for this change and challenge.

I purchased with my bonus money from my nanny job, a butcher block kitchen cart from IKEA for $59.00. I stained it and placed it in the middle of my kitchen, making it a "one-butt" kitchen, as my sons complain. I like it. It looks like a bed and breakfast kitchen we once stayed at.  It also hides my ugly old white stove. I have some ideas for my kitchen that will spruce it up in a cheap and creative way.

kitchen at bed and breakfast we stayed at

So that is what I am doing to keep my mind off all the negative news out there -


  1. Your kitchen looks a lot like our kitchen, butcher block included. Only thing is we got rid of the butcher block a few months ago (hubby/me moved into his parents' home while they were in assisted living, they both subsequently passed two months and one month ago). I too am glad to get back to frugality with the holidays over. We didn't go overboard with things, no presents for us, just for son and his GF and her kids and a few holiday food treats, but it did stretch our budget a bit. Glad to be looking at sales papers and planning accordingly in the days ahead.


  2. Hi Betty - actually, this photo is at a bed and breakfast - I just loved the kitchen. So I am kinda modeling mine after this one. That butcher black in the picture is no doubt an antique - very heavy. My new one is cute. I'm liking it and that's the main thing. Blessings...


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