Gardening Journal

Beautiful sunny and mild day today in my part of California. It's gorgeous to see the surrounding snow capped mountains against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky. 

I'm home today and need to get my house in order before my nanny-week starts tomorrow. Planning this week's meals, have a little grocery shopping to do and get some laundry done. I love being home and "keeping" my house. Too bad I can't make a living doing what I love!

Yesterday I found my Great Great Aunt's journal for 1946. From what I can get out of it, she used to do laundry and iron for other women in a small town in Ohio.  

It's also a journal of the weather - (can't hang clothes out when it snows or rains) and also about her keeping chickens.  She journaled about her garden - what to plant, and how and she even kept what she made for dinner.

 I found it to be so special - this was after the war so the economy was not yet back on it's feet from the depression and war times. I know I will gain some valuable insights, just by reading her daily journal.

Do women even do laundry or iron in their homes anymore?