Wednesday, January 4, 2012

little christmas

What a steal - for $10

Since my folks have gone to be with the Lord, I have been trying to learn all their ways - their childhoods etc. Genealogy has helped me to find things about their families, that I never knew. And of the things I do know, God just brings them to my mind, even if I haven't thought about it since I was a child. One of those, is Little Christmas. We were not a religious family - rarely went to church. But Mom was a believer. She had her nativity out every Christmas and would tell me about Jesus. One thing she also did, that just occurred to me this year, was she used to keep our Christmas tree up till after Jan 6. She said it was "Little Christmas". We didn't do anything special - but I am sure she was keeping a tradition she learned and cherished as a child.

Mom was of Irish decent on her Mom's side of the family. And for the Irish, it is the end of the Christmas season. Yes, in Catholic families it is the feast of the Epiphany. My Mom was not Catholic. (Her father was)

So I just wanted to do that this year - it was such a pretty tree for being so cheap. $10 for a gorgeous tree that you would commonly find all decked out in a bank. About 11-12 feet. The men in my family cut it down with a forest permit.  I'll probably never find a tree as beautiful as this one.

Thinking of my Mom and trying to connect with old family traditions.

The CHEAP LESSON is: keeping family traditions and making new ones, cost nothing. Even if it is only for that year, if it gets you through a difficult time then that is a good thing.

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  1. I grew up Catholic and we would celebrate Little Christmas and never take down our tree/decorations until after January 6. We never celebrated big, usually maybe a plate of cookies saved from Christmas or candy saved from it. It is a neat tradition though to let the holidays last a bit longer.

    I think it is neat that you are trying to learn more about your family/parents and working on genealogy. It is something you can share with your kids down the line!