Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Keeping receipts
I know these days, making an additional $100 isn't a big deal for some folk - but it sure is to me, when you are counting every cent and dollar that comes into the house. I'm thrilled with my extra $113 I've made this month (the month is not over yet) Thanks to mystery shopping, I am able to make some side money.

Granted the pay really does suck. You get $1-5 per phone shop - although you can plan a lot of these and it does add up) and $10 on up for other shops. I like the restaurant shops, because then we can eat out and we get reimbursed. No extra shop pay. I've done gas station audits where I have had to take pictures of everything.(including the men's restroom)  That is a revealed shop. I like going undercover more. I also enjoy the apartment shops and the department stores, where I make a small purchase and then return it.  -  Last month,  I completed a IKEA shop which paid me $80. They finally got around to approving it this morning.  (All shops have to be done correctly as well as a written report or you don't get paid) I have another good shop this Friday at Winco grocery store for $20. The neat thing is, I shop Winco, so it is easy for me.So the deal is, you rack up 8-10 shops a month and you could easily make some cash. I did this for my first 2 years living here because I could not find a job.

The only thing is I have to wait about 4-6 weeks to be paid (by pay pal) But once the lag time of starting back  is over, I'll be drawing a little extra cash each month. At least now I am able to pay for my $11.95 a month domain and website.

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