Wednesday, February 1, 2012

end of June

I knew it was coming, so I am not devastated.

I'll be losing my Nanny job the end of June. If I was still living in the Silicon Valley - no sweatski!  But up here in rural northern California, where our unemployment rate is like 15% - it's going to be a REAL even find a job job, let alone a Nanny one. (and NO I do not want to do daycare in my home - did that for 16 years and anyway I have 2 over 18 sons living here and it would be too much.)

One good thing is, starting this Friday I will be working an extra day a week. Tuesdays through Friday -  till June. That will definitely add to our budget. Also the dad mentioned, that the little one will be going to school Tuesday through Thursday and home on Friday. So he asked me if I could watch her on Fridays.  That could work out until I actually find something. All day today my mind was wandering.  I could watch the little one on Fridays, and maybe I should reevaluate my business with Avon. I'm excited that it will give me more time to work in our veggie garden. That will be part of my job -  to save this household even more money so we can save for that heating and air conditioning system. and to just be able to stay afloat.

Must be because its a new month or maybe it's that long walk I took today, or because it is sunny - but I am feeling charged up and optimistic.  This gives me time (if I don't allow myself to sink into depression) to come up with something and the needed timeline in which to do it. I work better that way -


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    1. Thanks I plan to do just that today - I am home sick (bummer)and "visiting" blogs is just what the Doctor ordered. Have a good one!