The FURNACE has died!

 WARNING: I am on a major downer.

Today was not a good day. 

1. hard day at my nanny job. 

2. stormed last night and woke me up in the early morning so I am tired. 
3.4 telemarketers called (one of them actually had me on hold when I answered)  

 I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST but it seems it does not work anymore. It's out of control.

4. Then I went out to get the mail. 90% of it was pure JUNK!  So much paper-waste!

5. The FURNACE (part of our HVAC)  is officially DEAD.
It decided to go out when we are having really cold weather. Snowed around the mountain tops in my area, looks beautiful but it's cold and when all you have is a electric oil filled heater to heat your 1500 sq ft home - it's just warm enough inside to keep it to about 64. Gets just a tad cooler in our bedrooms at night. OKAY, we'll survive. It just makes me nervous - because we need our AC to work this summer. Farmers Almanac is saying this is going to be a hotter summer.

6. Plus I am late on 1 bill. I'll pay it tomorrow but I hate that.

The good news is I have saved up the cash to pay the final installment of our property taxes! But it won't be for long, to where I will start having to save it for the Dec date. It never ends!

So yeah - I am down. I'm just upset and feel as if things just keep getting worse. No matter how hard we work - it just doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

7. Plus gas is $4.50 a gal and the way it looks it will be $5.00 a gal by the end of March.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Arghhhhhh!!!