Cold, wet, cold

rain rain and more rain
Man this really sucks, not having any heat in our house. I can only make so many oven meals. It was 62 this morning in the house when we got up. I think that is the record. One thing I will say, I am getting used to a way cooler home temperature that I am sure is a good thing for  our future heating costs. At my job when they have it at 70, I am sweating and hot to where I am wanting to peel off clothes or open a window. It also makes me sleepy, less energetic and lazy. When I get home, if I just wear a sweater, my fingerless gloves and drink some hot tea, I'm fine. I'm much more alert.

But if you think we must have saved a lot on our heating bill this winter - we did not. You see, we get our gas from the infamous Pacific Gas and Electric and we have gas heat. We get our electric from the city I live in.  We have our own hydro-electricity plant that generates cheaper electricity than PG&E. I am on a balance payment plan for both. In the winter my electric bill goes down and my gas goes up and in the summer it is the other way around with our electricity being the biggest bill because of our 105+ summers. My gas bill balanced out, is $39 a month. Because we are using an electric portable heater I am paying a Balanced payment of $260 a month when it should of gone down, it went up instead. I also have a balance that I have never had before, not even during our hottest summers. No matter what, electricity is more expensive.

I truly hope and pray we can work something out and get our HVAC replaced before next winter.

I guess we are all real troupers. I am the one who complains the most - but that's because I am the only female in the house. I am entitled.

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