Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fried Spam sandwiches and homemade Potato Soup

We're still wrestling with that Spam found in our grocery bag from the food bank.  I was a 50's kid. So we ate Spam, and didn't know any better until we grew up and became more sophisticated. It is a lunchmeat and many times my dad would bring it to work as a sandwich - cold - I know, yuck!

Mom would bake it - put some sliced pineapples on it and it was a poor mans baked Ham dinner. It was kinda good. But my favorite way to eat Spam, even to this day are fried spam sandwiches.

So you slice it, thin or how ever thickness you can stomach - toast your bread, spread with some mustard, slab the spam on, and eat! It's not that bad! Mom would make homemade potato soup and that was a comfort meal, when Dad wasn't getting enough work.

There is also Spam and eggs - we'd eat that when we went camping. Either sliced, or cube it up, fry it, and combine with scrambled eggs and potatoes. Yum!

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Here's the classic I don't like Spam from Monty Python.


  1. Oh looky! I have been looking for yummy recipes this week. I'm glad I found you and I am definitely your new follower!

    Amanda at:

  2. aaahhhh Fried Spam!
    We grew up eating this in my country, it's a treat.
    Something from the US. This was a rich man's food in my country because it's imported.
    We love to make fried rice with spam. You just gave me an idea for dinner.
    I'm glad I found you. Just joined your blog.
    I would love if you can visit me at

  3. My favorite comfort food, Fried SPAM grilled cheese sandwiches. Love SPAM and Velveeta. In fact, I just bought myself a SPAM slicer. Wish I could have it every day but it's more of a quarterly treat. Following your blog now.

  4. This is good stuff! Easy cheap good and fast too. Yummy!