Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What does Fall look like to you?

Are you feeling it?  I can.  It's starting to look like...Fall.  Well not so much where I live. We're still in the mid 90's -100.  But it's coming and when it decides to let Autumn in, there will be a drastic change almost overnight! 

It seems that for some, Fall is the time to get out the glue gun, the sewing machine or the paints to get crafty.  Maybe it's sewing your kiddos Halloween costume, or it's getting ready for all the Christmas Winter Boutiques that will be springing up all over. ( I never could understand, why they call them "Winter Boutiques" when technically they hold them all before Christmas and it's still technically Fall -  I think it's one of those politically correct thing )  

When it gets this time of year, I am taken back to when my boys were young - and we had football and soccer.  A hectic time for sure,  but it was fun and we did it for so many years, that it left a imprint in my life. To this day, I can't drive by a soccer field on Sat. and Sunday and not smile and think back to the old days! 

I also have Fall foods I only cook in the fall and winter because they heat up the house. I haven't eaten any soup or had a pot roast since like April or May so I am hankering for some of those favorite comfort foods. Pies and cookies - puddings.  Breads and rolls.

No wonder by the time it gets to Jan,  we're all looking into a new diet plan.

So what is on your Fall agenda?  What does Fall look like to you? 

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