Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a month of good lessons

This is what our January is looking like

As we approach January, my cheap homestead will be going through a month of good lessons that I hope will help someone, someday.

The husband will be starting a new job, where he will not be paid till February. Ouch! Somehow, he didn't read the fine-print!  We will be paid monthly like many state workers. Unfortunately, we do not have a minimum of one month's banked salary. Ouch again.  We do however have a military pension that is the equivalent of a part time job. I just lost my nanny job last week. So we are looking at a challenging month but one that will be full of valuable lessons. Perhaps, we are too late for these lessons, but you are not.

I've been in a yule-funk all month long, but for some sick reason, I find this challenge invigorating. Now that is not to say, I won't do some complaining. I do hope, that what bitching I do, will be entertaining. If you too, are going through a financial cliff of your own, please share with me - we can learn from each other.

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