Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't throw those candy canes out

Too many candy canes! On Dec 24, I was coming out of the store when a child came up to me, and gave me a candy cane and wished me a Merry Christmas. Before I noticed it was a child, I was ready to say,

"No thank you."  

The husband has a sweet-tooth and since he loves sugar in his coffee and those flavored creamers, I told him to skip the sugar and use the candy cane as a stirrer.  He loved it.

Here are some ideas to reuse those candy canes:

  • Use as stirrers for hot drinks
  • crush them and use them as toppings on brownie and cupcakes
  • Finely grind them to mix them in with your batters and cookie dough
  • Finely grind them and add them to whipping cream for Hot Cocoa
  • Bake them - the will bend easily to make a heart for Valentines Day *
  • Finely grind them and use in your tea or coffee in place of sugar or honey
Heck at this rate, you might be tempted to go out and buy what you can, to stock up throughout the winter. 

Recipe for Candy Cane Heart for Valentines Day*


Make sure you take the plastic off the candy canes first. Place your candy canes on a silicon baking mat on a baking pan or with a pan that has vegetable spray. I arranged them how I wanted them to look when they were done, but they do come out soft and you can mold them later. Set your oven to 250 degrees and cook them for 10 minutes. Right out of the oven they should be playable and easy to mold, caution – they may be warm/hot to the touch. I was easily able to mold them however I wanted. I smooshed the bottoms together and the tops together. I let them cool, placing them in my fridge for faster cooling. Now you can eat them, give them as gifts, or use them as decorations for this Valentine’s Day. They would be cute hanging with a red ribbon.


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  1. Love your blog. Thanks so much for sending me your link. I'll definitely be checking back here often for tips and inspiration.