Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Felt crafts for Christmas and Hanukkah

Are you looking for a fun craft activity to keep your children occupied this festive season? All you need is some felt, card, ribbon and glue to make these simple decorations in the shape of a bird, dreidel, star and tree.

Festive Felt Ornaments & DecorationsA Barefoot Activity for Kids Ages 6 and up

Quantity 5 sheets of felt makes about 4 double-sided decorations

What to find

• 5 x A4 sheets of felt in the colours of your choice

• Card for templates
• Scissors
• Glue and tape
• 40″ of ribbon
• Marker
• Bric-a-brac

What to do
1. Print the attached sheet of templates onto card and cut out the shapes.

2. Trace the shapes onto felt using a marker. Make sure you draw each shape twice to make a double-sided decoration.

3. If you’d like to create a hanging ornament, cut 10″ of ribbon, fold into a loop and tape the ends to the card.

4. Cut out and glue the felt shapes onto both sides of the card. Make sure you glue down the sides that have marker pen on them.

5. Use off-cuts from other felt pieces and bits of bric-a-brac to add to your decoration. Experiment with stripes, spots and other patterns!
Download the instructions for UK readers and US readers!
Download the templates for UK readers and US readers!

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