Sunday, December 23, 2012

More lessons to come -

Another year is just around the corner - and while many happy people are making plans for budgeting a summer cruise or exotic vacation, some of us are barely holding on to our own fiscal cliff. I've said it before and I will say it again - there are good lessons in it for you when you do have to struggle.  You never know when what you experienced, could help someone else someday.

Here's the Deal:

  • the Husband has landed a new state job. GOOD NEWS. 
  • He starts in Jan. GOOD NEWS.  
  • We will go from being paid weekly to being paid once a month. Say what?
  • Our first paycheck for the month of January will come Feb 1.  REALLY BAD NEWS. 

 My last day for my job was Friday.  Great timing, huh?

I could sit here, and fReAk out. (I already did that)  So I decided to attack this the best way I know how.   I'll blog out it.  (cheap-therapy)  

So stay tuned for more lessons - 

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