Thursday, December 27, 2012

The New Year Cleansing Fast for our budget

No it's not a diet - or a new exercise program. It's the mother of all challenges. Feared by most - experienced by only a few who lived to talk about it. Yes folks, for 31 days in January, I will be going into emergency cheap-mode.

Why would we do this? Simply because the Husband did not read the fine print on the new job he is starting in Jan. (State) It just never occurred to us. Like DUH!  He will be getting paid once a month instead of the paycheck to paycheck living we have done for so long - our first paycheck will be in February. 

All is not THAT hopeless. We do have some cash tucked here the there - but it will be tight - tighter than tight. Bottom-line the bills and the mortgage will be paid no matter what! And we know this is only a temporary challenge. Think of the many people who have had to experience this and it was more than just 31 days.

My rules

  • I can't use credit cards!
  • If I can't afford something in that 31 days, I go without.
  • find creative and legal ways to bring in some more cash
  • no eating out
  • Pay all obligations or negotiate with them if at all possible (to save your credit history)

That's all I can think of right now.  Can I do this?  I promise I won't cheat - I'll own up if I have made a slip like using the credit card to pay a bill. I really don't want to do that, if I can help it. I'm thinking of this 31 day challenge as a cleansing fast for my budget.


  1. No eating out? Not even a bean burrito at Taco Bell which can be purchased with change?

  2. No, any change I find will go into my BIG jar that digitally counts my change.

  3. I'll follow along. We have been existing on air for quite some time. ;-) Some bills get paid each month and some don't. I'm not in charge of the money though, since I bring none in. I just try to spend as little as possible on everything. Legal ways to bring in money? Please pass those ideas along!

    1. I don't bring in that much anymore but the Husband trusts me. I do much better at all the money stuff, than he does. Lucky for me but at times, I am the one that feels the stress more. Happy New Year - hopefully you'll be able to exist on a bit more than just air for 2013.

  4. This is such a great idea! At the moment we are wasting so much money! I am possibly the worst for it due to being pregnant and wanting to eat things and then not liking them!

    New follower,

    Jay @ young mum's Guide to Survival!