1 week to go

I have had to do a lot of "robbing, Peter to pay Paul" this month. There was just no way around it. We are BROKE! (for 1 more week)


We went "looky-loo" shopping, where you don't spend any money - only to price some things we need. And of course, we found some great markdowns - only we don't have the cash. Sure we could of used a charge-card but that defeats the whole challenge. I just hope those season-end markdowns, last for another week.

We will have some catching up to do next month and I will have to restock my pantry and cupboards. We are depleted!  (See http://recipesonthecheap.blogspot.com/2013/01/pantry-challenge-and-my-own-31-day.html

One lesson I can say for sure - had this been a crisis situation - we would of made it. With the exception of complaining about lack of "goodies" we survived. Now could we make it another month?  February only has 28 days so, which I would not want to do this again, I think we could but we would be really be stretching it.

It will be so nice to finally see some MONEY in our accounts!


  1. My dad was always paid once a month when I was growing up. Somehow he paid bills once a month too...I think he had to fight for that though.

  2. I am broke also. I think I have a dollar in my change purse. I have a week to go too.
    What saved me what I got my food boxes from Prairieland food, which is similar to Angel food ministries. This is my life saver to the end of the week. I just have to stretch out til the next third weekend.
    February will be tight, tight too.
    Hang in there.


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