31 days - Are we there yet?

This has been so hard - at first I though we were doing great but we're getting low on food and money to pay those final end of the month bills. I'm not yet convinced that I won't be using a credit card to pay a bill or two. I'm so bummed.  I haven't yet! The stress is killing me. I don't want to go late on a bill - so what is worse?

I am craving things I normally don't crave - like I want to shop - for anything. Grocery shopping does not count! I'm taking a lot of walks and staying home. Down to putting just $10 here and $10 there of gas in the car. 

This is not fun anymore. 

I'm even starting to lose track of time - what is the date today?????  Oh my, we have 10 more days left...

Lord, help us!