31 Days of Challenge - Paid bills

Today I paid bills. All the ones that are due in the next week or so like the mortgage, utilities, the dentist... I have a car payment due in 2 weeks - and our car insurance that I will have to pay. I have a few more smaller bills I need to pay or I might be able to work something out with them - It is much better to just call them and level with them -  I have to leave some money in the account for our life insurance payment that is automatically taken out around the 17th. I already paid the whole year of our homeowner insurance and that sure helped.

We have $300 to last till the end of the month in the checking.

Fortunately I am a "tucker" - I tend to tuck cash here and there.  I had $374 tucked away. (Not counting the $65 in coins I have in my rainy day jar.) 

I took inventory of the food we have stored away. ( pasta, rice, beans, flour, sugar, canned items etc) I defrosted the garage freezer and took inventory of condiments and other food items I have in the pantry.

Before going to the grocery store I checked the dog and cat food - They'll be okay for about 1-2 weeks. And detergent and cleaning supplies we had on hand.

I am so happy that my depression-era parents impressed it upon me to stock up and always try to put a little extra aside, because "you never know". I really surprised both the Husband and Navy-son. They were concerned.

The husband said we should be getting another paycheck - this week. I sure hope so. Even then, I will call and see if I can take advantage of a one-time missed payment for the car.

We had 4 salmons in the freezer so I baked a Salmon, mixed veggies and mini-bow-tie pasta for dinner. Now we have 3.

I'm not freaking yet!

photo credit: drocksays via photopin cc