Sunday, January 6, 2013

4 items cheaper in 2013

in the market for a good used car?

A little birdie told me, that there are 4 things that will be cheaper for us in 2013. 

1. Used cars - After the the cash for clunkers program in 2009, not only did people cash in their beasts - they went out and stimulated the economy and bought a new car (with a lease) and some of those leases will be up - sometime this year. A savings of 1-2% for this first quarter and 3-4% lower by the end of the year according to Kelley's Blue Book.

We have an old van, we call The Beast. Maybe, just maybe, we could afford a better used vehicle - perhaps a truck. We'll see. 

2. Readers - Okay so there was a lawsuit - with the Justice department that 4 publishers had conspired to raise the prices of e-books.  The settlement will result in deeper discounts for the consumer. More people are buying tablets than readers -

Won't affect me - I'm old school. I can do my reading on my laptop perfectly fine. Or I actually pick up a book and read it. I just can't see, spending money on a reader.

3. Flat-screen TV's - Fewer customers and more competition = lower prices for you. I bet I am the only person who does not have a flat-screen. I don't need one. I have a perfectly good 20 inch RCA that my parents must have bought in the late 80's - early 90's and it still works.  We have a box on it, so we can get our cable and all. When it finally goes, then we'll have to. I know it drives my sons crazy - it's that "keeping-up" thing again.

4. Cable TV - No not the actual Cable subscription - if anything it is going up  - but now you can stream for free or with cheaper options. We have a 2 year contract with Charter that will end in August 2013. We are considering dumping cable for a cheaper way to go.

I know I am always looking for a bargain - but if I find I can't even afford the bargain, I do without and am just happy that I haven't caved.

Which of these 4 are you in the market for? 

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  1. I think TVs are a "man" thing. They don't care about the Joneses, they just want the biggest TV they can get.

    I couldn't care less about the size of my TV. I just roll my eyes every time the topic comes up.

    1. True. Mr Jones has a way about him - that gets all the men thinking they have to have "man-caves" and big flatscreen TV's. Gee, back in my day, my dad's man cave was the garage or his tool shed. :-) He did have a radio so he could catch all the ball games while he worked.