Better meals are coming...

Craving some sourdough bread

 The last couple of dinners we had:
  • Chicken Breast fricasseed with brown rice and broccoli. (I'm getting sick of broccoli)

  • Hamburger Pie. It wasn't my best. I was out of onions, out of green pepper.  I only had 1 can of green beans and tomato soup. Disappointing but we were all fed.
Hamburger Pie

    I paid the last of the bills for this month - which usually are paid by now but I waited till I could not wait any longer and we had $96 leftover!   I was very encouraged. So I made a small list and went to the store to get what we needed - some non-grocery items and a few extras for my diet, to get me through till Friday's BIG BIG humongous grocery shopping day. I've never been so excited to go grocery shopping in my life.

    I'll need more room than that little hand basket - when I go on Friday!

    Not that we've been hungry, although I am. But then again I am on a diet. I did weigh in today and have a 3lb weight loss!

    So tonight I am making a big pot of homemade vegetable beef and barley soup. I had the last of the stew meat and while I usually don't use stew meat for soup - I did it anyway and am just slow-simmering the meat longer.  Here I went to the store and I forgot potatoes so there are only 3 medium sized potatoes in the soup. A lot of carrots, a mix match of green beans, corn and some barley. I did have some fresh herbs to throw in as well. It smells delightful.

    Wish I had some crusty sourdough bread to go with it. I should of bought some - although now we are down to about $30 till Friday.

    Better meals are coming - I'm hoping for some nights out for dinner too!

    Ta Ta for now...

    photo credit: Chiot's Run via photopin cc
    photo credit: churl via photopin cc