Breakfast for dinner

Last nights dinner was a BOMB. We all decided we hadn't had pancakes / bacon and eggs for dinner in ages - and it sounded good to me. We had plenty of eggs, a lb of bacon and I made some pancake batter. Pretty simple right? Not when  2 adult sons are in the kitchen with me, talking and chatting. I don't like to engage in heavy conversation when I am cooking. I listen okay, but please don't ask me about the complexities of life because when I am cooking, that is not where my mind is!

Most of you already know that "breakfast for dinner" is not as easy as it sounds, if you want to sit down with your family, all at the same time, with piping hot food set before you.  If you want everything done at the same time, HOT, I have 3 things going at the same time. My "foodie son" suggested I put the whole pound of bacon in the oven. I don't usually make it this way - So he set the oven at 400 and baked the bacon for 10 minutes.

 Lets just say, the smoke alarms got a good workout!

The eggs were good - they said the pancakes were good. I didn't eat the pancakes because I am trying to cut out my carbs.  I did throw in some chocolate chips in the batter for a few of the pancakes.  The husband does not eat pork -

As a frugal cheap person, it does bother me when we waste food or if a meal totally flops.  Now is not the time to experiment.  My foodie-son, I have to admit, ate the bacon anyway - a true bacon lover. Yuck! We still had to throw out most of it.

Tonight it's going to be Chili (I think) and maybe some cornbread muffins. Sounds good, since it is dreary, cold and wet outside.


  1. Yep...we must be sisters!! The night before last, my husband had to take a class in Portland. He's an electrician and they have to take a certain amount of schooling in a certain amount of time to keep their licensing up. Anyhoo, I thought, "ALL RIGHT!" I was going to make some chocolate chip cookie bars, fish tacos and Italian hot chocolate...I know! I know! They DO sound weird together, but it all sounded good at the time...anyhow, I wound up cutting the palm of my hand picking up chopped nuts off the cutting board and I wound up with cookie puke all over the bottom of my oven because the bar cookies I was so looking forward to decided to escape from the pan and run all over the bottom of the oven. I couldn't get all the burnt smell out of here and finally said, "Screw it!" and went to bed. :P

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  3. We love breakfast for dinner! I do that once a week!


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